December 22, 2019

Hi Everyone,

My BLOG has been on a bit hiatus due to my business, and organizing my new office move to Chicago's Merchandise Mart! I can't tell you how excited I am. I have missed writing and having this BLOG be of service. More BLOGS in 2020!

I did want to write one...

August 31, 2019

Hi Everyone, 

Summer is coming to an end, and I hope it has treated you all well. I had a great summer filled with outdoor time, lots of yoga, while also finding time to be quiet and still. 

This month, I was motivated to write to Young Adults who are either headed off t...

Hello Everyone,

Hope July has been treating everyone well.  

The heatwaves going across the country, seem to be exasperating a lot of people's frustrations, while also allowing some of us to feel victim to more noticeable negative energy.

Let us not forget we are al...

Men In Psychotherapy

People often ask me what it is like to have Males as clients in a psychotherapy setting. Usually, I respond that it is wonderful and that I learn and connect well to Men who are wanting to explore their inner worlds.  Some of my most meaningful clin...

May has been Mental Health Awareness Month.  I am sure you have seen the posts on Social Media, seen the MEMES addressing how important our Mental Health is and how we all need to be greater advocates. 

We don’t have to be Lady Gaga or Michael Phelps to understand...

Happy April Everyone!!  

Spring finally feels like its semi here, making pop-ups, and then reappearing every few days. Hopefully, the weather will be more consistent offering us more opportunities to enjoy crisp and calming spring days. Spring is a great season often as...

Hi Friends,

Breathe in, Breathe OUT, and let’s do that like 80 percent more than usual, at least until next week, when Mercury in Retrograde (MIR) ends.

Which is in five more days 3/28!!!!!!

Have you noticed that the last two and a half weeks have been frustrating,...

February 16, 2019

Happy February!

I hope everyone is doing well and feeling strong, clear and empowered. For this month’s blog I decided to discuss what some of us think of as the “Sunday Scaries”, a looming feeling of anxiety or an unsettled feeling as the weekend ends, and as we prepa...

January 18, 2019

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I hope everyone has been enjoying 2019, feeling confident, and hopefully using their Sankalpa to continue manifesting positive productive energy for this year.

Usually, my blog post every month is geared towards a different mental health topic....